Chaw Su Win

(Managing Director & Principle Consultant)

Ph.D Candidate for Organizational Development : Assumption University, Bangkok, Thailand

MBA: Yangon Institute of Economics, Myanmar

Over 10 years of experience of working in the professional area of Organization Development, training and facilitation of large groups, with different types of organizations.  Well experienced with non-profit organizations in Myanmar Civil Society starting from 2006 facilitating their change process at different level of human systems.

Experienced and participating in public sector development process facilitating participatory planning, assessment, and stakeholder analysis process of multi-stakeholders in different sectors including government organizations.

Being the process facilitator in change process of different organizations for their participatory decision making, planning and implementation with wider stakeholders.  Experience and expertise of designing and implementing organizational development interventions facilitating the process. The expertise areas include:

  • Designing and facilitating whole system change process which includes stakeholder participation
  • Designing and facilitating organizational diagnosis and capacity assessment
  • Organizational reflection and experiential learning process
  • Strategy review, refreshment and strategic planning
  • Structural review and redesigning
  • Setting up senior management teams including their social architecture
  • Team building and team culture building
  • Participatory programme evaluation, review and reflection
  • Setting up performance management systems of the organization
  • Human Resources development planning
  • Facilitating large groups for group building and experiential learning
  • Coaching teams and individuals for learning and development

Proven skill and experience in designing and implementation of participatory programme reviews and evaluation process, as well as participatory action research projects of different organizations in which data collection through different methodologies, synthesis of different opinions of different stakeholders, and their participatory decision making process are professionally facilitated.

Experienced in planning, designing and delivering participatory training courses, especially management courses-for different levels of managers and leaders.  These topics includes staff development, human resources management, and project management.  Other areas of training experience include training of trainers for participatory training programs, communication skills, facilitation skills, organization development for leaders, and process consultation trainings.

Experienced in the organizational development processes of a global organization such as country level programme planning, organizational contingency planning, organizational strategic alignment, organizational learning and development process, human resources development planning, recruitment of senior level staff, by facilitating and working closely with country leadership teams, etc.