Change Forum in Myanmar

November 26, 2019
November 26, 2019 PlanetCreator

Change Forum in Myanmar

Share, Reflect and Learn

Myanmar is a country in transition, balancing between innovation and tradition, opening and preserving. This process is driven by motivated and dedicated people in the Myanmar Government,

in the business sector and in civil society. They are the agents of change that push boundaries and explore new ways.
The Change Forum Yangon offers these leaders and managers, practitioners and professional advisers a platform to share, reflect and learn, drawing on insights from change makers in- and outside the country.
Parallel workshops, discussions, meetings, open spaces, coaching sessions and training sequences will offer  participants the opportunity to explore the burning issues of modernizing Myanmar organizations, sharing  approaches, discovering new perspectives, expanding knowledge, acquiring additional skills and building networks.

We will look at common features and specific aspects of modernizing organizations in the public sector, in the business world and in civil society:

  •  What drives system and organizational change? How to overcome blockages? How to balance change and stability?
  •  How to nurture courage to take responsibility and empower employees? How to communicate effectively?
  •  What role models inspire change makers? What does this mean for personnel development and leadership programs?

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